Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

My Gender Reveal Party

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. We had a great weekend announcing our baby's gender to "the world" at our gender reveal party! Here are some pictures of what I put together for it:

Hands down, my favorite part of the setup was the candy buffet. It was so fun to put together. I lucked out and found the cookies and cupcakes at Target of all places - pink and blue at Christimastime? The rest was ordered from Party City online, or found at my local party planning store and the dollar store.

I also set up a hot chocolate station and used the Crockpot to keep it warm. This was actually a bust because, believe it or not, it was 80 degrees in Charleston on Sunday. Not that I'm complaining!

I held a little raffle too for a Target giftcard. It was fun for everyone to make their guesses.

I gave them some clues by writing my results of some popular wives' tales on a black piece of poster board with a paint pen.

The water bottles I just wrapped with pink and blue duct tape I found at Target.

We snapped a quick family pic with the reveal box.

And now, for the big reveal, for those of you not on my personal Facebook or Instagram...

Drumroll, please...


I am sooooo very excited as it's no big secret to anyone that knows me how badly I've wanted a girl...I am so anxious to meet her this May and get her started in dance classes ASAP! :-)

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's The Big Day

Today I find out if I'm having a girl, or if I'm running for the hills {OK, totally kidding on that last part}.

Our ultrasound is today at 2pm EST...I'm nervous and excited...been feeling the girl vibes this entire pregnancy {minus any morning sickness...I think my body just is OK with pregnancy?} Here's a pic of me from this morning at 19 weeks along:

I won't be announcing on here until after we have our Gender Reveal Party on Sunday. I am so excited for this party...I'm putting together a candy buffet and a hot chocolate station {though the weather says 75 for that day, so I might nix the latter.} I've found tons of inspiration on Pinterest of course.


I'll post pictures of my party next week of course!

Most of all, I'm just praying for a healthy, perfect little baby. So I really hope that today's ultrasound has good news all around. Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NYC -----> CHS

Well, let me tell you, NYC -----> CHS was a mess. My mom and I got to the airport a little early since we had to be out of our place and we didn't want to "lug" our luggage around for a couple of hours. So we got there probably around noon - for flights that were scheduled to leave at 5:00 and 5:10. All was going well until just about 30 min before my flight was to start boarding and I got told there was a delay due to snow and ice {of course - always when you're trying to get home, right?} Strangely enough, they called my phone while I was sitting there and asked if I was in the terminal because they wanted to get me on a straight flight to Charleston with a different airline. {Hallelujah, right? But wait.} So being that my original flight had a stop in Charlotte and I was definitely going to miss my connecting flight, I agreed. That flight wasn't scheduled to leave until 7:30, but would only get me in around 9:30, about 30 min later than my original itinerary plans - no biggie. So after going through security AGAIN, due to the way they have the gates sectioned off at Newark Airport, I settled at my new gate, only to see that all the current flights were delayed by a couple hours. Mine had not yet been affected, but I knew it would be. Long story short, we didn't board until around 8:30, we waited in the runway line of jets and probably didn't get off the ground until about 9:00. I got in last night at 11:00 and took a taxi home...hit the hay at just about midnight. EXHAUSTED, but I guess I made it.

In other news, the trip was AWESOME! We packed in so much; I can't wait to share pics. We also got on the Live with Kelly & Michael Show yesterday and I'm hearing reports from a few friends that say they DID see me on TV! Success! Haha. It was a good show, very interesting to see the "behind the scenes" and commercial break activity. The guests were Will Ferrell & Steve Carrell...I am so excited to see Anchorman 2 {came out today}!

Anyway, I'm a bit tired still...and I'm AT WORK {blah!} so I don't have much going on to post today...but I will get a few NYC recap posts in order and get them to you, stat. It's definitely one of those "get back to reality" days. Do you ever go to Bloglovin' and see how many posts you haven't read yet, get overwhelmed and just say "F*** it, I'm just going to hit the 'mark all posts as read' button to save my sanity"? No? Just me then? OK. Well, I will say I did make sure to catch up on my absolute fave bloggers, but I won't give those ladies away here. I just seriously would have never been able to catch up on all that reading!

Well, have a great week and I'll check back in tomorrow!

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

CHS ------> NYC


Today is finally here! The day I take flight and head to New York City for the First. Time. Ever.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. I am a big city girl at heart - I thrive on hustle and bustle. And there will be even more hustle and bustle there this time of year with the Christmas season in full swing. It is going to be so wonderful seeing the store fronts' holiday decor and of course, the big tree at Rockefeller Center.

Wish I could spend some time on that ice rink too, but not too smart for a prego.

Among all the great sights to see, my mom and I also got confirmation last week that we got tickets to the Live with Kelly & Michael Show! I am so excited! Watch on Tuesday, December 17th at 9am EST - you may just see me in the audience! I am so eager to find out what celebrity they are interviewing that day!

Anyway, I'm going to go to NYC laptop-less, as I just won't have a lot of time to do any computer stuff and I didn't feel like lugging it through airport security, so I probably won't be back here to post until next Wednesday or Thursday. But there will of course be some NYC recap posts. If you can't wait to hear from me until then, be sure to follow me on Instagram as I plan to take loads of pics along the way!

Here's to a safe, fun and memorable trip!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

A Big, Fat "I Told You So" {Pantone Color Of The Year 2014}

Thanks to a nice "You nailed it!" comment left on my Pantone Color of the Year prediction post this past weekend, I have just found out that I did, in fact, nail it.

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2014 is {drumroll, please}:

If you'll remember, or you can just go back to my entire post, I stated the following:

"My feeling on this next color, is that it's going to be in the lavender/purple family. I'm actually not a huge fan of purple in my decor, nor do I have much of it in my closet, but I feel like it's coming back around."



It's OK, be amazed with me. I must say I do love the shade they've chosen, it's got a hint of pink to it, the kind of purple I like.

What do you think about the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014?

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pins & Needles

No, I'm not talking about your Christmas tree sheddings.

Obviously I've been a bit absent the last week on the blog and I'm sure you've been sitting on these awaiting the next post, right? I knew it. And I'm be honest, I have no real spectacularly good excuse as to why I haven't been posting since we got back from Thanksgiving weekend in Orlando...I just plain haven't had anything to write about. And I most certainly didn't want to bore you with a lot of blah blah nothingness...I aim to please...even though I'm certain many a post of mine may have been a snore...but that's beside the point.

Blogging is a funny thing, you know. I read so many blogs regularly and I've been seeing all sorts of wonderful posts on Christmas decor {the kind that put me to shame}, Christmas party attire and Christmas wish lists. But who would I be kidding to bust out an extravagant Christmas list right now? I'm saving for a new baby, becoming a SAHM and to be honest, I've just been too busy and on the go to even sit down and think about anything I want this year. And forget about Christmas party attire! This growing bump is making just getting dressed for work a huge chore. Not to mention, this lady can't have any "Christmas Cheer" {read: alcohol}, so I doubt we'll be attending any Christmas parties this year. Don't I sound like a Scrooge? Bah, humbug.

No, but seriously, I love the holiday season. Not to sound too cliche, but there really is something magical about it. However, this year, with the pregnancy, I only mustered up the energy to get our tree up and decorate the mantel and a couple of console tables. Normally, I do lights and pretty garland outside on the porch, but all I can think about is how I'll be even bigger when it comes time to take it all down and ain't no prego got time fo' that. You're probably thinking, "duh, that's what your husband is for!" but seriously, he wouldn't do it right {am I right, ladies?} and I'm OCD to a fault. And to imagine how he would take it all down later and stuff it away without care just nearly sends me into convulsions. So the easiest best route to take was no lights outside this year. Though my three-year-old is particularly enamored with Christmas lights this year, so I may be making myself snap out of it and put up at least a string or two this weekend. We'll see. The things we do for those little people's happiness, I tell you. But I'm not all bad, you have seen the tree, right? And I even went for a larger one this year.

Anyway, it's not all bad...I'm headed to NYC in a week from today! My mom and I are going for 5 days to enjoy some shopping and tourist-y fun. It will be my first time to the Big Apple and I'm so excited. So I guess I will create my Christmas wish list as I go and just purchase it along the way while I'm there! Unfortunately, due to my current medical condition, I won't be purchasing many clothing items, but I do plan to build up my boots, scarves and accessories collection! I can't wait to see this big, beautiful tree:

We plan on seeing the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, and hopefully getting into the live audience of Live with Kelly & Michael. Can't wait to share about the trip with you when I get back!

I'm also excited for our upcoming gender reveal party! Maybe it's just me, but I'm really feeling it's a girl this time around...Hubby just thinks I'm in denial about having three boys...but we shall see. We find out in exactly two weeks from today! Speaking of pregnancy, I haven't shown you a bump update in a little while, unless you follow me on Instagram. Here I am the other day at just about 17 weeks {I am 17 weeks exactly today}:

My outfits are OK most days...I had to order some sweaters from Motherhood Maternity since I've never been pregnant in the winter before, at least not where I was showing. Above I'm wearing one of those sweaters, some black leggings from Forever 21 and my Minnetonka Moccassin boots. As you can see, I'm definitely progressing! Lord knows I will be on the Insanity workout train starting a month after delivery. I am not wasting any time getting back to feeling normal again!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season thus far!

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