{home tour}

{our first house} - Charleston, SC

{front porch}

And then this was how it looked while we had it listed for sale {I still have big makeover plans for those beautiful chairs!}:

{living room}
This room saw many changes throughout our seven years in this house, but when I finally happened upon my pink and yellow color scheme, it truly became a happy place to hang out as a family.

Things were rearranged a few times after the initial reveal post was made, here's a few snapshots of those.

Our kitchen makeover was one of our biggest projects, but it definitely had the most impact. Goodbye, formica, linoleum and blah light wood cabinets. Hello, granite, coffered ceiling, stone floors, glass backsplash and bright white cabinets!

{upstairs bathroom}
Lacking a lot of storage in the beginning, Jake solved this problem by adding drawers to the existing vanity and moving the sink over, and adding two tall built-in countertop cabinets. He made the wooden countertop himself and we also replaced the linoleum flooring with tile.

{tanner & breckin's shared room - formerly breckin's nursery}
Tanner started out being the only kid in the house, and when Breckin arrived a little over two years later, we still had enough space to give them each their own room. But when the princess was due to make her appearance, the boys got bunked up. Here is how their room ended up turning out. I do wish I had gotten to do more with that big wall that the dresser is on. There were a few small changes after the initial reveal post, but for the most part, it stayed this way.

{farrah's nursery}
Let me tell you, this room was a labor of love. Getting to decorate a nursery for a baby girl was so fun and I got to use all the colors I've always wanted to use in a room. I sort of ended up with what I call a modern 70s vibe in there, which pretty much fits perfectly with her name. {You'll need to play "Where's Farrah" with these photos...} Again, a few things did change from the original reveal post.

{home office / gym / play room}
This room is technically a downstairs master, but for us it made the most sense to use it as an office / multipurpose space. It was a guest bedroom at one time and then in morphed into an open space for blogging, art, play and workouts. {more pictures soon}

Love lived here ~ May 2008 - Sept 2015


{our second house} - Charleston, SC

{coming soon!}


Unknown said...

I love this so much! I'm going nuts over your peacock chairs and bamboo mirror, where did you get those?!

Ryan @apolishedpalate said...

It's so great that you have kept photos with updates throughout all the changes. By the way, love the backsplash in your kitchen.

Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

I LOVEEEEE Farrah's rug. I need that in my room! Looks great!


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