Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Link Love

Some links I'm lovin':

1. Were you born/Did you grow up in the 80s? Here's a little bit of nostalgia fr you - great list.

2. These neon-edged wooden boxes are a great idea and so easy to do!

3.This Awkward Years Photo Project was kinda cool...did any of you have an awkward stage growing up? {And look at your beautiful self now!}

Not too much today, I know...I need some new inspiration around here...thinking of revamping this place. Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Family Update: It's Been Awhile {Again}

I realize that now that I run a total of 3 me crazy or call me organized {or both}...I have a hard time keeping up with this one. I was actually thinking about shutting this one down...but then I reminisced through a few posts and found this one. I realized why I do have the family blog separate from my other blogs. In a way, it's like a diary that my boys, Jake and I can look back on and cherish the memories together. It's a diary to the boys about the young moments they might not remember clearly. So that being said, I am going to keep this family journal of sorts running, though I may not update often, I'll sure try. And I'll link to some posts on my other blogs that pertain to some family stuff so as not to be redundant over here. I do hope you'll follow Style Oyster & Gym Bunny too though.

So my last family update was from January through April...let's go over May through June. I think we actually left off just before my 30th birthday, which was April 14th, and I mentioned Jake having a big surprise planned. Well, go here to see what that surprise ended up being. I was in awe.

Additionally, in April, my dad and his wife Teresa came for a visit. It was such a nice weekend with them and I'm so glad they could make the trip. We don't get to see them often enough.

May was fairly uneventful {in a good way}. We did the normal things around, school, etc. We also found some beach outing opportunities. The best beach trip hands-down was the one where Tanner found a crisp $100 bill on the sand dunes. {Lucky kid, right? The most I had ever found before that was a $20. Now it's $40, since last week at a concert I found two folded up 20s on the sidewalk - Jake and I donated it toward our beer for the concert.}

We did also get a rare Breckin-only weekend. Tanner got to go to Carowinds with Nana & Papa {Jake's parents}, so we spent a weekend just enjoying little Breckin and giving him some special attention. We took him to the Children's Museum, which he just loved. More info and pics from that weekend can be seen here.

June was a big month for us. Tanner graduated the 1st grade and we left the day after to spend a week in Florida visiting Disney World and Sea World. It was awesome. It was nice to have our first family vacation - just the four of us.

I really need to do a separate post for all the pictures from that trip. Five parks in 7 days was a lot of photo opportunities!

And that bring us to July...I feel like this summer has just gone by too fast. Tanner starts back at school in 3 weeks. I have thankfully gotten everything ready to go - being an early bird this year. I quit my 2nd job at the gym the other was just time to be done. The 3am wake-ups three days a week just became to tiresome. And with school starting, I really wanted to be there in the weekday AMs for my boys. Jake and I managed to get to two concerts this month - OAR {a fave band of his} and then a Michael Jackson cover/tribute band at the Windjammer on Isle of Palms. Here we are at OAR:

And with our friends at the Windjammer:

And to end this post, here are some fun random summer pics of the boys:

Until next time!
Friends/Family - if you would like any of the pictures you see of us on the blog, please just right-click on the image and save it to your computer. You are welcome to print at your leisure! They are all high-pixel images. If you do not know my family or me, you probably shouldn't right-click/save or print any of our images. Just saying.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Musings

What a weekend!

Saturday, I started the day by handing off the kids to Nana & Papa - they took them to Folly Beach for the weekend.

I then came home with plans to clean the casa like mad because we were having a realtor come on Sunday to consult us about putting it up for sale. {More details on that soon.} However, on Sunday, due to a friend/family emergency she had to cancel. Oh well, all that cleaning for, well, a clean house! Guess I'm glad I had something to kick my butt into gear.

Mid-afternoon, we headed to a pool party on Isle of Palms. Our friends are renting a beach house while their new house is being built. Not too shabby.

A couple great ladies and myself
After that, we headed to the Windjammer {the best bar on Isle of Palms, for those of you not familiar} for a concert with a Michael Jackson tribute band.

On Sunday, since the realtor cancelled, Jake and I headed to Folly Beach. We went to Rita's Seaside Grille for lunch - which was reeeally good. I had The Pedro {a cheeseburger with a million jalapenos on it} and Jake had a fried oyster Po' Boy. We then went to the beach house that his parents were staying at with our boys, spent some time on the beach and playing in the ocean with them, then we headed home. I pretty much passed out for the night at that point!
In other news, I am eying this little number from Target {God I love that store}:
The color-blocked look is on trend right now and I love these colors...separate and together. They have a couple other color trio options as well. For $29.99, it's a nice find.

Have a great week!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

5 On Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!

I am soooooo glad it's Friday. I've had a Hellacious week in terms of work. It all started Friday when my office's internet just up and decided to stop working mid-afternoon. I had to go home and finish out my day {OK, didn't really mind that}. I then had to work from home on Monday until ATT called me to let me know they were headed to the office to check it out. When we got there around noon, we discovered it had started working again fine on it's own {which I had told them it probably would}. Then Monday night, as I'm hacking away at some work emails from home, my antivirus program on my work laptop starts it's scheduled scan. I shut down all of my open stuff and let it run. After it was over, my computer would not connect to the internet. It wouldn't pick up any wireless connections, and not even work when I hard-wired it. I tried everything I could {and I'm pretty computer savvy}. I ended up taking it to Staples and they found out my computer's drivers just weird. They tried to reinstall those, but it wouldn't work, so they ended up having to reinstall Windows completely. I. lost. everything. Mind you, all of this fixin' took all of Tuesday and Wednesday, so I had to be at home for work both days feeling pretty useless without access to my company's files {they are in Dubai, I'm the only one here in Charleston}. Anywho - I'm just glad it's fixed now!

Well, if I haven't bored you enough yet, here's my 5 for Friday list:

1.  The paternal grandparents are taking the kiddos to stay at a beach house on Folly Beach this weekend. I love those rugrats, but Momma is glad to be getting a break!

Y'all see that craziness? Yeah, it's ALWAYS like that.

2. Thanks to #1, Hubby and I are getting a date night! We plan to go to a friends' pool party on the Isle of Palms tomorrow afternoon and then head to the Windjammer to see a Michael Jackson tribute band that is supposed to be pretty good. Thanks to our VIP status at the Jammer {due to Hubby's obsession with beach volleyball}, we got our names put on "the list" and will get in for free. That's how we roll, people. This is us at the OAR concert last week {another rare moment sans kids!}

3. I've quit my so-not-worth-it side gig as the opener at my gym. I've actually decided to start running my cleaning biz again on the side. Any of you in the Charleston area looking for housecleaning, or know someone who might be, please contact me. It's A Modern Cinderella - Licensed - Bonded - Insured. I've run it since 2009, but took a little hiatus earlier this year due to the gym job and my full-time job. I'm headed to NYC in December and I really need some extra spending money, so my plan is to put everything I make from cleanings into that pot.

A Modern Cinderella on Facebook

4. I think I'm slowly becoming obsessed with Tyler Hubbard of Florida-Georgia Line. It must be the songs? I think it's his hot. {C'MON!!} I don't know. Right off the bat, he's not the type of guy I normally find attractive. But I LOVE their song "Cruise"...especially the Nelly version. So far, I like every song I've heard from them. Caught this video the other night...he is sexy. {Sorry, Hubby. But can he be one of my five freebies? You have to watch Friends to get that.}

5. Lastly, I'm setting a new goal for myself. I work out a lot, but I am not satisfied with where I'm at physically. {Damn you, wine.} I'm setting a goal for myself to lose at least 10 lbs by the time I go to New York in December with my mom. I'm going to do that by changing my eating and drinking habits {I work out a lot already, so I don't think that is where the main changes are needed.} I posted about my new favorite green smoothie on my blog, The Gym Bunny. These have been great and really do keep me full in the mornings. If you check out the blog, I hope you'll become a follower.

Body measurements tape

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Whimsy

Well, I'm a tad late on saying Happy Monday on the blog this week, but Hump Day is as good a day as any, right?

Sorry for the absence {did ya really even notice?}'s like I feel as though I've been busy, yet I have no idea with what. So I can't even come here and rain down my list of excuses on you. I certainly have nothing to show for this sense of busy-ness I have.

Is my house clean? No. 
Car clean? No.
Am I richer? Definitely not.

I think I just took a mental break from blogging, albeit a short one. I do have some goings-on to share with y'all let's just get right to it.

1. Tanner is signed up for fall baseball with the recreation dept. {I also even have all of his uniforms and supplies ready to go for school - way early! Good Mommy Points for me!} Can't believe my firstborn is going into 2nd grade...does it ever get easier????

{Tanner on his first day of Kindergarten with his teacher, Ms. Powell}

2. Today was my last day at my gym job. I had been working there on M, W and F's from 4am to 8am. Then heading to my full-time job after that. I put in about 6 months, but around 2 weeks ago, I just realized how utterly exhausted I'd become and that it just wasn't worth it. The pay was shitty and I was tired of donating what is my main window of opportunity to get my workouts done for the day. So I put in my two weeks. Not looking back. I start my morning 5:30am workouts tomorrow {until school starts, then I get to do 7:30am after dropping off the kiddos}.

3. I'm working on Breckin's 3rd birthday party. We are going with a construction/tool theme. I've been getting the decor and supplies together...the party is on August 3rd at our pool {thank God for the free venue, hate having to rush and stress to clean my house for birthday parties!} I'm happy to say I've pretty much gotten everything I need!

4. We're considering putting our house up for sale and finally moving back closer to civilization. We like where we are except that it's a trek to the grocery store and we really want to get back into the town we hang out most in and run all our errands in. We have a realtor coming to evaluate our home next weekend. Wish us luck with this process and for the best outcome possible!

Sorry, that's really all I've got for you on this lovely Wednesday - have a great rest of the week!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five


Anyone have big plans for the weekend? We're staying pretty low key. We actually went to an OAR concert on Wednesday night.{I know, who the heck has a concert in the middle of the week? I actually bought the tix months ago because we always go to OAR when they come to town and I didn't even check the date because it's always been on a weekend until this year. Not sure what happened there.}

Pretty much our plans are to BBQ with the neighbors on Saturday...and I'm sure we'll head to the beach or pool at some point this weekend. Maybe more than once.

Anyway, I've got five things to share this Friday...

1. This hair oil is awesome. I believe it retails for $21.95, but I caught it on a sale for $10.00 at my salon. It's not too heavy and hasn't yet caused any back and shoulder breakouts like some Moroccan/Argan oils have done to me in the past. Great way to stave off split ends and grow longer, healthier hair.

2. I just discovered this lip exfoliator by e.l.f. It's at Target for only $3.00! I get chapped lips easily, especially in the summer months if I don't keep the SPF on them. This helps slough off the dead skin and renew them, making them feel soft and full. I don't want to over-exfoliate them, so I use it about every other day.

E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator
3. This dress. Does it not look so comfortable? I love Target's clothing selection these days...summer is best because they seem to load up on cute maxi's. Aside from being way affordable, they have a great selection of prints and patterns. I'm also a fan of the high-low trend on the dresses and skirts. I tend to like the front of my legs more than the back - tee hee. Whoever invented this trend, must have had that in mind. I think this one is -click- headed straight to the shopping cart.


4. Just bought tix yesterday to go to one of the Under The Sun Tour concerts next month, featuring Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Vertical Horizon and Fastball...I am so glad that Jake and I go to a lot of concerts now. I'm even more glad that we have good seats and I will be within FEET of this beautiful man that used to be hung all over my college dorm walls {sorry, Hubby}:

Oh so delicious. Yum.

AHEM - anyway....

5. And lastly, I scored this IKEA shoe cabinet off of a Mommy Exchange group on Facebook. I am so stoked. It's the one that the famous Jen  of iHeart Organizing uses in her entryway. I've been dying to find a way to conceal our overflowing collection of shoes (mostly the boys, which get strewn about the house daily}. I'm picking it up today, new in box, and cheaper than at the store!


Will show you how I style it soon! 

Have a great weekend! xoxo
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Things You May Not Know...

I saw this great list of questions on Mimi+Meg and thought it would be fun to answer them for myself. Who knows, I may ask a few other bloggers to stop by and answer them as well!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Wonder That Is Social Media

What's pretty cool about social media sometimes is that it can seemingly link you closer to celebrities you love. {Hopefully not in a stalker-status sort of way.}

I was just perusing through my notifications on Instagram this morning when I noticed this:

See that little arrow I made? It's pointing out the fact that Todd Leduc (@toddleduc) liked my photo on Instagram that mentioned him.

Here's a closeup of the description I had posted with the photo:

He simply must have run a search on anything with the hashtag #toddleduc, but STILL! Kinda cool. And notice, his sponsor is Rockstar. He was meant to discover me eventually.

This isn't the first time this has happened. When I raved about my Minnetonka Moccasins, it wasn't long before the company followed me on Twitter and re-tweeted me. Remember these tweets I mentioned in the past?

Anyway, I just thought I would share. What are the coolest interactions you've had on social media?

Oh, FYI, you may not have known this, but I LOOOOOOOOOVE monster trucks and offroad racing. And now my little guy does too. ♥

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A Place to Sit & Relax {Front Porch Redo}

OK, so I'm FINALLY posting this!

I will start off by saying that it's not completely finished, but all of the very crucial elements are in place and other little things will be added here and there as accumulated.

I didn't get a "before" picture unfortunately, but if you can gather by the size of the space in the pics and imagine one wicker loveseat, coffee table and wicker chair all cohabitating here, you can probably guess how crowded it was. The furniture was way too bulky. As a result, it was left unused and un-enjoyed. I also even had my beach cruiser chained to the railing for a while, and often strollers were stored there when I was too lazy to put them back in the garage. So you get it - messy, bulky and unwelcoming. Not the first thing you want people to see when they come to your door!

First, I will show you my inspiration for the space - of course, one of the always organized and super-cute spaces of Jen's:

I started off by going on the hunt for a cute little bistro table. I was of course open to something that needed a little TLC, as I knew I had planned on painting one anyway {highly unlikely I'd find one in the color I wanted}. If y'all remember, this table was $10 and you can see how I upcycled it here.

I then needed a couple of chairs. My goal was something laid back, but not bulky. Something along the lines of wooden rockers, but maybe not quite as large, or didn't necessarily need the arm rests. When I found these two chairs on Craigslist, I knew they were exactly what I was looking for. I haven't painted them, but might someday decide to.

After those main pieces were found, it was accessorize, accessorize, ACCESSORIZE! I knew I wanted to use a lot of pops of color - making it a bright and cheery space.

You might remember me posting this pic of the front door area the other day:

And now without further adieu, here is the rest of the space!

I also wanted some type of storage bin to keep outdoor toys for the front yard, i.e. sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sprinkler, baseballs, etc. This basket on rollers was perfect. It easily rolls out when the boys want to play and back out of the way when they're done.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the humidity got to it quickly and added some black moldy spots. I have since taken it in, scrubbed it clean with a hand brush and I am going to spray it with a protective coat to prevent it doing that again. Live and learn.

As far as things I still want to add to the space - I would like more containers for plants. And also looking for the perfect piece of decor to hang on that empty space on the brick between the door and the window.

Here is a tally of what I've spent so far:

Bistro Table: $10 {Facebook group of Moms that sell used items}
Chairs: $40 {Craigslist}
Door Mat: $12.99 {Target}
Yellow Pot $16.99 {TJ Maxx}
Hibiscus Plant: $24.95 {Abide-A-While Nursery}
Teal Citronella Candle Pails: $5.99/ea {Kmart}
White Plant Stand: $5.00 {Goodwill - last year}
Basket on Casters: $29.99 {Marshalls}
"S" on Door: $6.99 {TJ Maxx} 
Small Runner: $12.97 {Walmart}

So there you have it, my friends! My new favorite place to enjoy a glass of vino and wind down after a long day. 

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