Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ABC's of Me

I love a good about me post/questionnaire, so I hope you do too. 'Cuz if you stick around, that's what you're getting.

The ABC’s of me:
A- Available: For what, exactly? Dating, marriage? No. Help moving? No. Cocktails with some fun girlfriends tonight? Abso-fucking-lutely. To give unsolicited advice? Always. For work? Not likely, but run it by me anyway.

B- Biggest Fear: Losing my children. I just don't know what I would do or how I could go on. Stories of children lost tragically just pierce my heart.

C- Crushing On: This top.

D- Drink You Had Last: Diet Rockstar

E- Easiest Person To Talk To: Anyone that will fucking listen. Which unfortunately is hard to come by these days. But my current faves are Mom, Jake and Suz. And He's not a person, per se, but God is always pretty easy to talk to.

F- Favorite Song: Lately I've been loving "Here's To Us" by Halestorm. It's going to be my new karaoke jam because we are similar tonally and I also love to use the f-word...a lot. "I Miss The Misery" by them is also fun. What can I say, I have a thing for singing angry bitch songs.

G- Grossest Memory: I most certainly cannot share that here.

H- Hometown: OK, so I've always fought with the definition of "hometown". Where you were forced to grow up due to your parents' life choices is out of your hands. If you never feel connected to where you grew up, you may not really consider it "home". I left the state nearly the second I turned 18 (ok, of course I had to finish high school first). I went straight where I knew my heart belonged and where I just "fit" - California. I chose it as my first home as an adult. It's where I lived and learned on my own and really was able to discover myself and what I love. Huntington Beach, CA will always be my "hometown".

I- In Love With: My Young Living Essential Oils - they are amazing. I got introduced to them in January and the things they can do health and beauty wise are endless! Seriously, if you want more info, let me know. I'd love to share my testimonial with you.

J- Jealous Of: I'm learning to be happy with myself and what I have as I get older. If I don't like something the way it is, I do what I can personally to change/improve it...I try not to use others' lives and material things as a check list. Life is too short to covet what others have or are...it is a journey and a process for all of us to become who we were meant to or want to be and only we can make or break that.

K- Killed Someone: Uummmmmm....mmm-kay....do we really not have anything else for "K"?

L- Longest Relationship: My current one. Married 7 1/2 years; together {off an on} for 10 1/2.

M- Middle Name: Jennifer - so 1983. ;-)

N- Number Of Siblings: 2 brothers. This is a very old picture from like 2007 when I visited for Christmas that year. I'll need an updated one when we visit in August.

O- One Wish: To always be happy in life and with myself. No matter what the circumstances may be.

P- Person Who You Called Last: Jake

Q- Question You’re Always Asked: I think the most common I get is "Do people ever tell you that you look like Megan Fox?" Seriously love hearing that, but I personally believe she is a level of gorgeous I have definitely not attained. But thank you anyway! However, I always like to add to the conversation that I too have a weird thumb like she does and my maiden name is Morgan Cox. That usually freaks them out.

R- Reason To Smile: Family, friends, good health, good job, wine, SNL, Ellen DeGeneres.

S- Song You Last Sang: “Zombie" by The Cranberries. Seriously, my car is an endless concert of angry bitch music.

T- Time You Woke Up: 4:00am. Gotta get that Body Beast workout in before my day gets away from me.

U- Unsure Of?: Fate

V- Violent Moment You Had: What the hell?

W- Worst Habit: Zoning out during conversation

X- Number Of X-Rays You’ve Had: Oh, like a million.

Z- Zodiac Sign: Aries


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