Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keepin' Up With The Smith's - Update

I know since splitting up my blogs to one organizing/decor/household blog and one mommy/family blog, I have spent much more time over at Style Oyster and not nearly posting enough on this blog with my mommy and family updates. I promise to be better. Truly. I enjoy blogging about my kids, mommy fitness, mommy triumphs, trials and tribulations...I just haven't been allowing myself ample time to do it...and I'm going to make more of an effort.

As for the boys - they are doing wonderfully. Tanner is past the half-way mark in his 1st year of school. We have definitely had the ups and downs of adjusting to Kindergarten and all the structure that is expected. It can be hard with a child as energetically-charged as Tanner, but it wouldn't truly be parenting if it were always easy. We are proud of how far he has come in this journey and we know he will only continue to improve. He has been enjoying swimming lessons with his classmates this past week and with the weather warming up, we are getting back into after-school play date mode. He also can't wait for beach outings and the neighborhood pool to reopen!

Breckin is now 18 months old, fully walking and scurrying about the house. He is so cheerful and sweet. He says a lot of words and we are told is above average in his language skills for his age group. The poor guy has been plagued with ear infection after ear infection since about 5 months old, so we may be considering tubes for him soon. It breaks my heart to have to do that, but I know how awful he feels when he gets infections all the time. His current favorite place to be is outside on the swing hanging from our tree fort. He lovingly calls it the "weeeeeeeee" and when he's not out there, you can almost always find him whining at the backdoor crying out "weeee...weeeeeeee". He's definitely all boy - loves balls, cars and the great outdoors.

Jake has recovered nicely from his shoulder surgery last August and is looking forward to getting back into beach volleyball this spring and summer. (Something tells me we will be at the beach a lot more this summer than last. But I don't mind.) He has been helping me with a lot of updating the house projects, such as a new pantry, window trim, laundry closet shelving...bless his heart for trying to keep up with my growing list of to-do's.

I am still working for Boeing and it has definitely involved a lot of weekend work. (Hence my lack of time for blogging.) I enjoy the extra pay, but it is definitely tiring, especially when it cuts into quality time with my family. (I truly am jealous of the mommies that stay home as full-time bloggers! I want to do that someday!) I am doing my best to keep things organized at home for everyone and spend my time wisely. Unfortunately, my love of fitness has been on the backburner the last few months - don't get me wrong, I've been working out, but just not as often as I used to - it has really started to get to me, so I am now finally truly getting back into the swing of things (starting Mommalicious again will definitely help!) I bought my first Groupon this week - 10 Bikram Yoga Classes for $35 - not too shabby! I am making a gym date after work each day - keeping a gym bag in my car. I am running at night and still signing up for 5Ks. I did not do one in February, but did one in January and am signed up for the St. Patty's run in March. I have my first 10K - the Cooper River Bridge Run - coming up in April. I knew it was time to get serious when I signed up for that...so I am working on my distance running at night after the boys go to bed (can't wait for the time change!)

So that's pretty much the "goings-on" with the Smith's. I do plan on keeping up better with this blog...so I appreciate your readership.

I'll be back today or tomorrow to post some pictures of the boys! Stay tuned...


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