Monday, April 28, 2014

Now It's Just a Waiting Game...

Today is officially my first day as a stay-at-home-mom {I didn't count the weekend, as I was always home on weekends anyway}! I turned 37 weeks pregnant on Thursday and my last day at work was Friday. Just look at this big ol' belly!

And those thighs...yikes. This momma has her work cut out for her this summer.

So now it's just a waiting game. I sit here today at 37 weeks and 4 days...just wondering how soon this little girl will make her grand entrance into this world. Breckin is home with me and we've got plans for a lot of morning walks to hopefully help things progress. It's also felt smoldering hot lately (I'm already running the AC!} which is not helping...I am SOOOOOO D-O-N-E done. Seriously...stick a fork in me.

While I'm waiting...I plan on using this time to get things around the house cleaned and organized {summoning what little energy I have these days}.

I've noticed some pregnancy blues lately...I think now that summer is pretty much here in Charleston, I'm starting to feel self-conscious about having a post-baby body all through it. I know my kiddos are going to want to hit up the pool and the beach...and here I am wondering what the heck I will wear! Those of you that know me well, know that I probably put a little too much emphasis on my body and fitness...but it's just been a big part of my life...and it's something I can't simply "turn off". I'd love to be one of those people that could care less how I look walking on the beach, or be comfortable with the post-prego flab for a few months...but it's just not something I've ever been able to do. I'm going to feel like I have to cover it up until I can reveal a post-pregnancy body I'm proud of. I remember literally being angry with myself about 1-2 months postpartum with Breckin....because my thighs were still pretty large and I had large "love handles" didn't just fall off like it did with Tanner when I was 22. And this is my first time being so newly postpartum in the summertime...Tanner was a November baby so I had all winter to get back in shape and with Breckin, it was already August, so I just didn't wear a bikini after I had him, until the following summer. I'm very apprehensive about what's to come, knowing this time it will likely be even a little harder. I plan to start working out right away, but I know it's no overnight miracle. Accepting that is the hard part. I want to be able to wear shorts and cute shirts this summer...rock a bikini...but it probably just isn't in the cards. I'm going to try not to let it get me down...because it is what it is...but I know I will have a hard time with it internally.

Anyone else ever feel this way? I'm sure I'm not alone in my really is a lot to know once the baby comes out, the extra weight is no longer "cute". But I'm just going to do my best to work hard at my fitness goals post-baby, truly enjoy my children this summer...and try not to think about it too much and get myself down about it.

Sorry for the vent...I try not to do that too much on the blog...but sometimes, it just helps to type it out.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts & Thirty-Six Weeks

I am 36 weeks pregnant now, y'all! It's getting so close and I'm soooo impatient, it's killing me. Ready for so many things...ready to workout and have my body back, ready to enjoy some cocktails with friends {hello, summertime!} and most of all, ready to meet my precious daughter. I forgot to take a picture this morning, and it's too hard to take a prego selfie at work, so I will just show you last week's bump picture {I'm looking pretty much the same this week}.

Jake and I finally nailed down a name for baby girl last night. If you're a friend on Facebook, you might know I did a fun little baby name bracket {in honor of March Madness} that had my top 16 names eventually narrowed down to one. Sadly, I will say that we did not choose the name that actually won. {I know, such cheaters, right?} My main goal for doing the bracket was to help get Jake finally on board with my name choices by seeing all of the wonderful compliments we received on so many of them. Even though I love the winning name, it wasn't something my husband was able to agree on, but with all the help of the positive response about most of the names, we were finally able to come to agreement on one of them.

What is it, you ask?

To be announced when she is. {Oh, the suspense!}

In other news, I've {at least for now} traded in my dark brunette locks for much blonder ones. I've been a dark brunette now for a quite a few years and thought I would try a little blonde again for something different {maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but I think it's great for summertime}.

It looks a bit golden in this picture, but it's really more of a light ashy blonde. I've been for two full highlight sessions now with my new favorite hairstylist, Kasondra. I wanted to get as much done as I could before baby comes because I don't imagine I'll have too much time for the salon after that.

The nursery is coming along...though I'm a bit antsy because I've never gotten this close to baby time without having the nursery fully finished. We had a setback when we put the house on the market in March because I decided to forgo anymore decorating at that time, but now that we are staying put, I'm back into decorating/nesting mode. Right now, it still pretty much looks like this:

I do have the closet and dresser organized with all her clothes, by age {and color because I'm OCD}. And a changing pad has been added to the dresser. However, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I have decided {4 weeks prior to due date no less} that I want to trade out the bed in there for a full-size daybed. It will create so much more floor space for her to play on when she gets to the crawling around stage. Right now, it's our queen guest bed, but I've decided to sell it and I've ordered this to go in its place:

It's the Morgan Day Bed from Walmart {so I kind of figured it was fate}. The fun part {this is where I am a glutton for punishment} is going to be working with Jake to move the mattresses out and dispose of them properly, break down the other bed and sell it and then set up the new bed when it arrives sometime next week. Oh, and I'll also have to order a full-size mattress. Yes, I apparently thrive on stress and time crunches.

I've also ordered a mobile from this shop on Etsy for over the crib. It will look like this:

The next things on the list for the nursery are:

  • Area rug
  • Curtain
  • Paintings for the wall {I imagine I won't find time for this until I'm no longer working.}
  • Paint the two mirrors {the frames} I have and hang.
  • The baby :-)
And then we're pretty much done with the space!

That's pretty much the bulk of my thought process for today...I do also want to thank those of you that have stuck around here...even though the last few weeks my posts have been scarce. I fully plan on picking back up...I've got my last week of work next week...and then waiting for baby's I'll get back to normal posting very soon.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

31 Years

First and foremost, let me apologize for falling off the face of the Earth this blog for the past two weeks. No real excuse or reasoning for it...just lacking motivation during these last few weeks of pregnancy...and I hate blogging for the sake of blogging. Trust me, you should appreciate that. Incoherent, nonsensical rambling is something I like to save for nights when I've had too much wine. And let's be honest, those are far and few between these days! is 4.14.14 and it is my 31st birthday. {Cue 50 Cent's In Da Club}

This year, being 35.5 weeks pregnant, I'm definitely not in the mood to do it up {nor can I really without alcohol, hahaha} will just be a nice evening with my husband and our boys at our favorite Hibachi restaurant. I've been hinting at my boys to make me a sweet card or picture...and by hinting I mean telling them right out {they are miniature men, so you have to be blunt, right?} Tanner, being the ever-efficient problem-solver he is, quickly scribbled "Love You" and two hearts on a piece of paper this morning before he left for daycare {it's Spring Break}. That was right after I reminded them again I wanted a nice thoughtful card done today...he is too funny. I don't think he quite understood the "thoughtful" part...he was just getting it over with. Oh well.

Last year was my 30th of course and it was an amazing birthday. I don't think I'll ever be able to top it.

So today, I'll just take in that sweet memory and look forward to next year's - with my two best boys and my baby girl...our complete little family.

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