Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Seven Things Tuesday {Because I Couldn't Think Of 10}

This picture of my little Farr-y Princess {see what I did there?} and me has become my current favorite:

If you haven't tried these Triscuits, you are seriously missing out. Soooo freakin' yum.


I just ordered this gorgeous beach cover-up {these are a MUST when you live at the beach, of course!} Can't wait to wear it next summer...great price too.

Dip Dye Chiffon Maxi Cardigan

Also from the same site, couldn't resist ordering this top. I have been eying it for a while, so I knew I liked it enough that I just needed to go ahead and order it - again, GREAT price for a sweet and unique top!

Cut Out Crochet Top

{I hope I can do it as much justice as Andee does.}

I am loving the hot yoga classes I've been taking. And I didn't even realize it in class, but my core is being worked so hard. I went Sunday and Monday night and my abs are soooo sore. But a good sore. So are many other trouble areas. I bought an unlimited 30-day package, but I may be keeping this up as a regular weekly or bi-weekly thing. I go again tomorrow.


Speaking of working out, I did Cardio Craze at the gym this morning. My girl, Nicole, teaches a mean class...this class definitely rivals any Insanity video I've done. HIIT is not for the faint of heart. My ass hurt for a week after I took her class a couple weeks ago! But that being said, I think I need to buckle down soon and surrender to a full round of Insanity, not just the workouts here and there when I can't get to the gym.

I'm looking to build up Farrah's storybook collection. A lot of the ones I had from the boys are pretty well-loved, so I wanted to get her a fair amount of new ones to mix in. Any recommendations of good ones I might now know about or have?


OK, so....Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Musings: Insta-Lately & More

It's yet another week...I am just going to pray this week goes much better than last week. I've got high hopes! The weather is supposed to be a lot drier by Wednesday and we have plans to head to the zoo on Saturday - Farrah's first time!

Not much to report on the weekend activities. Jake is in the middle of his USCG Reserves two-week duty for the year, so he was working both days. I did finally manage to get to hot yoga on Sunday evening though! Soooooooooo good. Looking forward to the late class tonight.

Some Insta-moments lately {follow my Instagram!}:

Top Ms. Bella D {Found at Ross} - Similar here / Jeans / ALDO Boots - Similar here

I was super excited about pulling on boots this weekend for the first time this fall season. I just love fall fashion, it's my favorite. {Plus, layers means it's a lot easier to conceal the last of the prego weight 'til I lose it! Ha!}

Top Pink Rose {Found at Ross} - Similar here, here and here / Jeans & Boots {same as above pic} / Necklace - Similar here

I found my new favorite go-to outfit for Farrah. Jake's mom had bought her these onesies in various sizes from Gymboree that say I ♥ Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, etc. and it just donned on me that they go perfect with her rainbow Baby Legs! Now that it's cool enough out for her to sport them!

Ah, just so precious! And speaking of precious, my big boy got his first pair of eyeglasses last week:

I will admit, I was downhearted to find out he needed them because I know most kids have a stigma about that sort of thing and I know kids can be cruel, but he LOVES them and actually tries to wear them more often than he should! He only needs them for watching TV, and in class to look at the board...so I have to coax him into taking them off when I pick him up from school and find he's still wearing them. He does look handsome and studious though, doesn't he?

I did a little quickie-decorating on my front porch for fall - picked up some mums at Walmart:

It's so nice sitting out there now {with the exception of mosquitos and no-see-ums}, so I wanted to have a beautiful little area to relax with a glass of Merlot at the end of a long day. And my little babe likes to chill out there with me too - I just turn on some chill iTunes mix and we're good to go:

So that's about it for now...I posted really late on Friday, so you might not have had a chance to check it out, but I was asked by Chairish to design a room around one of their accent chairs and I actually gave quite a few hints as to what Farrah's nursery is actually turning out like. {This one has definitely been pieced together slowly, and things have been completely changed out and have been sold too, so it's nothing like my first pictures of it before she was born.} I plan to do the entire reveal VERY soon. But this pic is a bit of a clue!

{See details here.}

Friday, September 26, 2014

Nursery Moodboard with Chairish

I was recently asked by Chairish to design a room around one of their accent chairs. After viewing the options, I immediately knew this was the one I wanted to design a room around:

{Danish Teak Lounge Chair - Arne Vodder France & Son}
Many of you know that I still have not revealed Farrah's nursery here yet because this room has definitely been a labor of love and I am still searching for a few key items before I can call it finished {soon, I promise!} But, I am going to give you a big clue as to what it is shaping up to look like with the nursery mood board I designed around this chair. This chair would actually be the PERFECT chair for Farrah's nursery. Here is what I've put together:

Crib Bedding / Rug / Art / Table / Chair / Pillow {no longer available}
Be sure to check out Chairish's site because there are so many goodies on there for the home - beyond chairs! But definitely check out what they have for accent chairs, so many great and unique ones to choose from!

Thank you, Chairish, for asking me to participate in this series!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Week Is Really Getting In The Way of My Week

Wow. It's only Thursday and I'm about ready to throw in the towel on this week. I swear nothing I had planned for myself this week is actually happening as it should.

Sunday, I got myself all motivated to get super-serious about losing the rest of this weight. I meal-prepped and got all hyped up about my workout week. I even purchased an unlimited 30-day package to Charleston Power Yoga so I could go twice a week in addition to my gym schedule {since my Groupon for Bikram Charleston didn't work out...long story}.

Let's start with Monday, shall we? I'd say Monday actually started off well. I did the AM jog with the kids after taking Tanner to school as we waited for the gym daycare to open. Once it was time, I went in and got in a good back/shoulders/ab workout. I was planning to do the 7:15pm hot yoga class that evening, but it started raining cats and dogs and Jake ended up getting home late so that didn't happen.

Tuesday started off rainy, so I couldn't take the kids on our jog and wait for the childcare to open. We ended up having to drive home {which is never good because once I go home, I almost never get a chance to make it back to the gym with the kids - this is why I do it right after school drop-off!} I did do some barre exercises at home while Farrah napped, but I know it wasn't enough.

Wednesday = worst day of this week. I had found a dining table and chairs that was perfect for us. It's a black 60" round tall table that had 6 chairs {we were in desperate need of more seating for guests}. It's a bit large to have it round all the time, so it also folds down to a 46" square. PERFECT. I had arranged for Jake to take Tanner to school and then grab the table since it was in the same neighborhood. I had planned on going to the gym around 8:30 after we got the table set up. I went to back my car up a little in the driveway so when Jake got back we could easily unload everything. NO CRANK. Are you kidding me? Ugh! There went my gym plans...AGAIN. We got the table in the house and then Jake called a coworker to try and jump me so we could see if it might be the battery or alternator. I knew it was the starter because I'm a car kind of gal...but I was praying I was wrong. Because that would mean it needed towed. Well, I was right, so we ended up calling a tow truck. Jake drove us to the auto shop to wait on the Jeep...yes, wait on it with a 4yo and a 4mo. Fun stuff. Luckily, they were both so well-behaved. But of course, the shop couldn't get to it right away or promise it'd be done by the time I needed to pickup Tanner, so we ended up getting picked up by Enterprise to rent a car for the day. We picked up Tanner, went to pick up his new pair of eyeglasses {his first pair!} and then went home. I got the call that my Jeep was done, so I went to pick it up and left the rental car at the shop until Jake could get home so we could go return it. Of course that was not until 6:30pm and oh yeah, I had planned on going to hot yoga again at 7:15pm, so AGAIN, that was a bust. I drank a lot of Merlot that night.

And that brings us to today...I'm headed to an Insanity class at the gym at 5pm. Good Lord, I need a good workout. And I'm planning to make up my two missed yoga classes tomorrow and Sunday. That is, if no more ridiculous crap gets in my way! At this rate, I'll never lose the weight!

{I had a lot of "bad" workouts this week}
But I'm not going to let it keep me down...just going to keep on truckin' and put on a good face. In all reality, this is all small stuff and things could always be worse. Just have to stay the course and keep focused. I will say {with the exception of the emergency Merlot}, I have been keeping to a clean diet this week as planned...so ONE thing did go right! I think the added stress helped me drop a pound. Success!! {Just kidding.}


Ever just had a week all planned out and NOTHING seemed to go as planned? If you're still with me after this rant, I gotta say I love you.

Thoughts for Thursday


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