Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 New Year's Resolutions

So here we are at the close of another year...thinking about the year ahead, the joys to come and all the things we vow to do this year...and how this year is absolutely going to be the best year yet.

That's where the resolutions come in. EVERY year. (It's all about the intentions, right?)

Do you have yours made?

Here are mine:

1. Participate in one 5K race per month. In 2011, I did seven.
2. Call Mom once a week.
3. Call Dad once a month (guys aren't as talkative).
4. Call my brothers a few times a month (again, guys aren't as talkative).
5. Write/post 2-3 blog posts a week.
6. Cook at least one new meal a week.
7. Hit the gym at least 4 times per week. (Always aim for 5-6 though!)
8. Complete a round of Insanity.
9. Complete a round of Insanity: The Asylum.
10.. Have a one-on-one date with Tanner once a month.
11. Go on a date with hubby at least once a month.
12. Start a women's social workout group.
13. Super-organize one area of my house per month (and keep it that way!)
14. Take a family vacation.
15. Get a promotion/new position at work and become an official Boeing employee.
16. Quit energy drinks for good!
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Writing Prompt: The Year In Posts

2011...What a year!

I gained so many great memories to add to the time capsule that is my life. My son Breckin went through his first year (and all the milestones to boot!), Tanner started Kindergarten, I found a great job....these are just a few of the many wonderful things that happened this year.

And of course, in Blogland there has also been many great things...I've learned more about the art of blogging along the way and I've made some blogger friends. I've learned from other blogs about household decor, crafts, child-rearing, etc...this blogging thing is pretty great. I've even gone through some personal blog changes - new look, new name, new url...  And of course now there's Pinterest...don't even get me started about how much I obsess over love that site.

Anyway, I've continued to participate in Mama Kat's weekly writing prompts and this week I chose the following prompt:
This year in blog posts...choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share

Well, so here goes...I'll of course just post the link to each...feel free to click and read them at your leisure. I enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane going through all the posts I wrote this year!

January 2011
Scarred. - A Writing Prompt post that details one of my most memorable moments in my life 

February 2011
My Husband, The Romantic. - Shhhh, don't let him know I told you! 

March 2011
Love Is A Two-Way Street - Sometimes it's about admitting that neither of you are perfect... 

April 2011
Our Mommy/Son Date - Gotta show those kids some individual love and attention 

May 2011
Mom & Sons Beach Day - My first successful beach day with the boys all on my own! 

June 2011
I Always Get The Screamers - Just a blog post about how much I adore my loud children 

July 2011
Separation Anxiety - What can I say, they LOVE me. 

August 2011
Kindergarten Rocks! - Tanner's first day of school (tear*) 

September 2011 (I didn't have any good ones this month!)
Twitter-Pated - Follow me on Twitter! 

October 2011
"That's Your Wine." - A post about a drawing that challenges my credibility as a mother. 

November 2011
11 Days of Thankfulness: Day Ten - The best things in my life

December 2011
DIY: My Christmas Sign - Loving all the decor I'm seeing on other blogs and feeling inspired, there will be more from me on this blog as far as holiday decorating and home decor!

Well, so there you have favorite posts from 2011. I hope you enjoyed reading them. If you did, please become an official follower of my blog via one or more of the options in the left-hand column. Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Santa (I've Been So Very Good...)

Dear Santa,

You know what I'd really like this year?

Actually, I should probably preface each item by telling you how extremely good and obedient I've been this year.

For starters, I exercised. I exercised A LOT. I participated in seven 5K races (which by default means I also donated to charities that same amount).. I went to the gym countless times. I did the Insanity workout...MANY times. I did all of this so I could ask for a wine refridgerator, stocked full of wine. So please, add this to my list - hint: I'm a fan of reds. (I'll also need the P90X 2 set...for the New Year.) 

I kept my house clean and organized (for the most part). I regularly sorted through things - donated to Goodwill, had a garage sale and trashed what could not be sold or given away. I kept up with seasonal decor, even going the extra mile by trying new things, adding special touches and taking on DIY projects. So Santa, for this good behavior, I'm asking for a new vacuum (let's just say mine's had it). A Dyson would be preferable.

I also worked a lot. I held a full-time job and worked overtime as needed. I even cleaned houses in addition to that. And more importantly, I still made the time to be a great mother to my children because that comes first. I went to Tanner's baseball practices and games, school events, took them both to doctor's appointments, had playdates, etc...and more importantly, I made it to all of these things ON TIME. I packed lunches with little notes for Tanner because he's learning to read...notes such as "Tanner, Your Mommy Loves You." I made sure Tanner's backpack and Breckin's daycare bag had everything they needed each day. I was a Room Mom for Kindergarten. I read bedtime stories, played games, planned and threw big birthday parties...and much more that could never be summed up in one small paragraph. So for all this, I'm asking for a nap. One really good one...three hours at least.

I realize you're quite busy, but I'd be so ever grateful if you could find the time to at least read and consider my list. I know you can't get every thing for

Please Santa, if nothing else, give me a nap.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Holiday Rut

The holidays are officially killing me.

Since Thanksgiving, I have not been to the gym ONCE. WTF????!!! To my credit, I have done a 5K (Reindeer Run) and a few days worth of Insanity workouts, but seriously, that just does not cut it for me because I know that tiny efforts such as those will never get me where I want to be in terms of fitness. I feel like a slob...laziness, lack of motivation, eating junk...seriously, who IS this person? It's not me. I worked way too hard to get where I am after two kids - so why am I seemingly throwing it all away?

You know how the longer you stay away from working out, the easier it gets to talk yourself out of doing it each time? Well, I've gotten in this rut of working from 6am to 3pm (which is reason enough to be tired!) and then instead of going to the gym after work as planned, I've had a mental battle with myself on the drive home after work each day over how I don't have time to go to the gym (even though just that morning, it was my main intent - gym bag in the car and ready to go) because I've got motherly/wifely/housekeeping duties that simply must be tended to, and with the holidays, those duties are practically double when you add in all the social events (and preparation), holiday shopping, etc etc I've been guilty of making that my excuse to not go...then I'll tell myself, well, I'll just get all of that done first, then I can do an Insanity workout after the kids go to bed... Oh, this has got to STOP. And I'm going to get ahead of the game and get started RIGHT NOW and not do what most of the world does, which is sacrifice their bodies by giving in to all the holiday madness and wait until the New Year to get it together.

So tonight, mark my words, I WILL be hitting the gym after work. And hard. I need to get myself through one good session to remember how good it feels and how much I love get my motivation back.

What about you? Are you in a workout rut due to the holiday rush? What are you doing to keep motivated?

Be sure to check in on January 2nd, 2012 when I introduce the first weekly edition of Mommalicious Mondays. This will be a great meme to be a part of - there will be a weekly workout challenge, opportunities to share your posts with progress pictures, updates and stories of your personal workout journey. It is also an opportunity to gain a support group. It does not matter where you are in your journey at the start of this meme. I look forward to this new portion of my blog. (You do not have to be Mommalicious to join, you can be I-Have-No-Kids-alicious too.) :-)

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Three Generations of Smith Boys

Wanted to share a picture of three generation of Smith boys:

From Left: Jake's brother Jesse, his son Chase, Papa Bob, Tanner, Jake & Breckin

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