Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Musings

I'm in need of a good, solid nap after this weekend. I went out both Friday and Saturday night...managed to get back on the right track with weight training sessions on Saturday and Sunday...and I grocery shopped, meal prepped, did a bunch of laundry...and also went to meet this little guy...

Meet the newest member of the Smith clan...he won't be ours for a few more weeks yet, but we had to meet the breeder and put our deposit down to hold him for us. We have named him Badger {Jake's a Wisconsin guy} and he is currently about 6 weeks old and already weighs 10 lbs! He is an Olde English Bulldog{ge} and he may get somewhere between 70-90 lbs! Hard to believe seeing him this small right now.

Did y'all watch the Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia fight? We didn't watch it, but I've watched some old fight videos of Rousey and that girl is a BEAST! I am so glad she knocked that girl out in under a minute...she had been going to far with her sh**-talking from what I heard. I also loved a clip from an interview with her in which she made this quote:

Amen to that, am I right?

And honestly, I had a bit of a hiatus from weight training the last couple of weeks. I had been so bogged down with house selling/buying and the move coming up that I just lost focus for a bit. I also was sort of nursing my hamstring...turns out it's tendonitis and every time I was running, it was getting inflamed, causing pain to radiate from my knee to hip...sometimes even just walking. I did leg/glute day on Saturday and for whatever reason, at least for now, it actually has felt a little better since. I'm hoping it's on the mend.

A little pre-workout selfie on Sunday...I did my back/shoulder workout at home that day in the interest of saving time {you can see a video with short clips of some of the exercises I did on my Instagram}. I've still got some work to do, but I'm proud of what I've accomplished since having Farrah. I'm definitely ready to take it up a notch though.

And in the spirit of taking it up a notch, I've been keeping good with my clean meal prep. Here's a view of what my evening looked like last night:

Hope y'all have a great week!


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